Trinidad & Tobago Family Tree
This family tree was last updated on April 21, 2015.
Total surnames119
Media objects0
Total events44
Total users27
Earliest birth year1874Kallia
Birth 1874 - Sahjuthpur, Ghazipur, India
Latest birth year2015This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1970Sooknanan"Dost"
Birth 1896 -
Death 1970 (Age 74) -
Latest death year2014 Ramkissoon Loorkhoor
Birth November 1, 1923 -
Death August 11, 2014 (Age 90) -
Person who lived the longest98Sahadeo "Captain" Sookdeo
Birth September 24, 1904 -
Death April 1, 2003 (Age 98) -
Average age at death69Males: 66   Females: 87
Family with the most children12This information is private and cannot be shown.
Average number of children per family2.93 
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This was originally started to trace the descendants of Heera and Kallia who arrived in Trinidad aboard the Ganges on November 25th, 1890. But it has since grown to include related families.

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